Ferrari gets schooled by Nissan’s Nyan Cat GT-R

Nyan Cat GT-R

In the midst of the ever-changing, always competitive, and increasingly intense, auto-industry, one often forgets the reason they are there in the first place. It might be money, it could be fate, but one collective, compelling motive is most certainly a simple passion for cars. Speed, style, power—cars are supposed to be fun. Ferrari learned that the hard way.

While Ferrari is all work, no play — Nissan embraced this concept and in doing so, earned a nice bit of publicity. Deadmau5, a Canadian electronic artist, covered a 458 Italia in a Nyan Cat wrap — even making custom emblems and flipping the brand name into the clever, “Purrari.” But Ferrari wouldn’t allow it.


Now Nissan has taken a humorous jab at the situation by whipping up this Nyan Cat GT-R in Photoshop.



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New England is home to endless opportunity to immerse yourself in nature. Fortunately for us Bay Staters, most of these attractions are free of charge, or very inexpensive; all you need to do is figure out how to get there. The 2014 Nissan Xterra knows no boundaries and is more than willing to get a little mud on its tires for the sake of a weekend expedition. So, pick your place and pack your tent, because a nearby adventure awaits you this weekend.

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One of Massachusetts’s greatest places to camp can be found at Mount Greylock State Reservation in Adams, MA.  As the state’s tallest peak, this location is the ideal spot for a heart-pumping hike along a scenic backdrop. At the peak of the mountain, a V-shaped wedge of trees forms a valley known as The Hopper. Yu can camp among the beautiful greenery, but be prepared: this site is a hike-in campsite only, so you’ll have to carry your belongings for the entire hike.

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